To succeed in the modern organization, Conso’System Africais proposing
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Conso’System Consulting s a consulting firm specializing in project management
dand integration of SAP solutions dedicated to resource management ...

Entreprise PerformanceMANAGEMENT

Conso'System Africa specializes in the integration of SAP
olutions with more than 50 projects in all sectors of activity ...


Conso’System Africa offers many reporting and analysis solutions
to help companies strategically position themselves in all ...

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Conso'System Africa

Conso'System Africa, is a consulting firm specializing in project management and integration of SAP solutions dedicated to resource management and enterprise performance ...

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Project management assistance, Specification design, Compliance monitoring of deliverables.


General and detailed design, Configuration and integration of applications, Testing and validation.


Follow-ups, verification documentations, project history alignment, and user’s Training.


Administration of your systems, Production support, Maintenance, Maintenance for your applications.



Conso’System Africa offers many reporting and analysis solutions to help companies strategically position themselves in all their management decisions and help pilot their daily activities, and by extension, the entirety company.

Conso’System Africa assists you in the choice of your Business Intelligence solutions and helps you overcome the complexity of their implementation and administration. At the same time, offering self-service options so non-technical users can become self-sufficient and access their own customized reports and dashboards.

Conso’System Africa operates on the most efficient market tools, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suit and QlikView / QlikSense, supported by its partnerships with SAP and Qlik in Morocco.

Conso’System Africa adopts a methodology that allows to:

  • Give a schematic report with clear graphical visions of the company.
  • Provide interactive dashboard analysis and navigation.
  • Improve and facilitate decision-making.
  • Saving time and efficiency in planning, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Explore associations and correlations between data and outcomes.
  • Have multiple deployment options (Server, Web, Cloud,...)


Conso'System Africa specializes in the integration of SAP solutions with more than 50 projects in all sectors of activity.

A market leader, based on a proven methodology and the skills of its constantly updated consultants, experts in SAP EPM applications, Conso' System advises on the integrated architecture best adapted to your context and assists its customers by covering the completeness of SAP EPM topics, from the first stages of the reflection to the final delivery of the solution and future operations.

As the SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise, Conso'System Africa brings a solid expertise in SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation integration projects (Microsoft, Netweaver HANA) around budgeting issues in the different sectors.

SAP BusinessObject Planning & Consolidation (BPC)

SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (BPC) enables you to conduct a structured and collaborative budgeting process. Conso' System accompanies you in the framing of your business reporting and budgeting needs, in the strategy of business and technical implementation and in the implementation of the solution.

Conso' System Puts Its Expertise At The Service Of Its Customers In Order To Achieve The Following Results:

  • Reduction of delays
  • Simplification and centralisation of data entry
  • Management of several alternative versions
  • Documentation and justification of seizures
  • Formalization and management of the process
  • Data and access security
  • Autonomous administration of trades


Streamline Financial Planning And Consolidation To Focus On Your Growth

Speed up accounting closing and spend more time developing your business. SAP's planning and consolidation solution helps you streamline and automate your planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation activities for shorter budget cycles, faster closure, and optimal regulatory compliance.

  • Make decisions based on simulation analysis and scenario planning.
  • Strengthen collaboration for clear accountability and planning.
  • Accelerate cycles, close accounting and align plans with strategic objectives.
  • Real-time planning solutions with SAP HANA for faster response times..
  • Select the version for the Microsoft platform or for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP BFC (BusinessObject Financial Consolidation)

SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation is a financial consolidation and reporting application that provides CFOs of the world's largest organizations with the ability to close their companies' accounts more quickly and accurately.

Conso'system Africa proposes you to accompany you through offers adapted and personalized to your needs. The SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation solution can give you the power, responsiveness and confidence to do just that:

  • closing faster without sacrificing data quality through streamlined financial consolidation and reporting processes.
  • safely adapt to changing needs without having to rebuild or eliminate previous reporting scenarios, saving time and money.
  • to gain trust and meet the company's standards through reliable data feeds into legal reports and management decisions.

SAP DM Disclosure Management

Conso'System Africa offers you the opportunity to guide you in the processes of production management, archiving and publication of your company's financial statements and reports. SAP's Disclosure Management solution allows you to take the final step towards a timely, accurate and risk-free financial closing process.

Fast financial closureCollaborative ManagementCompliance and control
•Automate processes to speed up your financial closing
•Integrate data sources and offer a single source of truth according to your standards and reporting rules.
•Facilitate communication, workflows, and acceptance across the organization's hierarchy, geographic locations, and business units.•Use new compliance tools
•Publish financial and regulatory audit documents in a variety of formats, including XBRL.
•Ensure compliance with IFRS, multiple GAAPs and other industry-specific standards.

SAP SM Strategy Management

Conso'System Africa offers you SAP SM (Strategy Management) to facilitate the follow-up of your strategic plans. SAP SM enables you to link your business processes with your strategic goals, and better manage your resources to improve the execution of your overall strategy.

SAP SM allows you to:

  • Improve the strategic planning process and communicate priorities to your employees and teams.
  • Track progress with intuitive performance dashboards and benchmarking.
  • Improve visibility, collaboration and decision making with a single source of data for all.
  • Promote accountability by linking strategic objectives, parameters and progress to employee actions.

IFRS 16 Leasing

Are you an airline leasing aircraft? or a retailer who rents stores? or in any industry sector where you lease important assets for your business? Conso'system Africa is your partner in your approach towards compliance with IFRS to carry out calculations and reports related to the new IFRS 16 standard.

With the new IFRS 16 standard introducing a single accounting model for tenants that integrates most leases on the balance sheet, Conso'system Africa has prepared the toolkit you need to optimize your existing investment in SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation by implementing a complete preconfigured IFRS 16 solution in weeks with a single acquisition cost, without additional SAP licenses or maintenance costs on a technology already known to your users.

Whether you are managing your business with SAP ERP or another ERP, SAP Financial Consolidation is one of the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions designed for you. This product meets financial consolidation requirements and can be integrated into SAP and non-SAP software environments. Conso'system Africa has built on this powerful tool to anticipate the application of IFR16 in 2019 or an earlier application in 2018 to allow you to remain in compliance with all the changes that will occur in your consolidation process.

From data collection to the publication of financial statements, Conso'system Africa has designed, based on its decades of experience, preconfigured functionalities with the possibility of identifying additional customized needs and contents to perform, validate and publish your company's statutory consolidation in accordance with the new IFRS16.

Before moving to IFRS 16, Conso'system Africa will help you evaluate the impact of the new standard on your financial statements and budget forecasts in order to make an informed decision between retrospective application or cumulative adjustment methods.

With Conso'system Africa, you are sure to minimize the acquisition, installation, deployment, training and maintenance of the IFRS 16 solution to benefit from the complete preconfigured IFRS 16 functionality with the ability to integrate additional specific requirements for your particular business.


Nowadays, information is growing exponentially, which made managing documents a difficult and time-consuming process. To resolve this issue, Conso’System Africa offers a selection of Enterprise Content Management solutions to accompany you in categorizing and indexing all your documents in order facilitate their retrieval and management. Thus; eliminating the toll these processes take on your company’s productivity while delivering contextual, accurate and actionable content.

Conso’System Africa offers a variety of integrated solutions that optimize the process of decision making by providing the right content, whether structured or unstructured, regardless of its format, into the right hands on the right time.

OpenText Content Suite: ECM Market Leader

The Ideal Tool For Digital Transformation

Conso’System Africa offers the service of the integration of the OpenText Content Suite solution, which includes a set of ECM solutions designed to help companies take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

On-premise, cloud or hosted service; take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation and encourage:

  • Team productivity through simple and intuitive tools that improve the user experience.
  • The efficiency of processes, in particular through their close integration with SAP and Microsoft applications.
  • Governance and information security, thanks to its functionalities.

ASSET Jupiter

Jupiter supports smart decision-making organization-wide as it combines powerful ECM, BMP and search capabilities with a high level of security. it also provides an easy web content management and various integration capabilities. The supported formats range from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and even large video files all through an efficient, accurate and flexible work process.

Jupiter can be deployed anywhere, configured for your business processes, and customized for your specific business needs. It can be integrated into your existing enterprise system without having to change the way you work.

Boost Business Performance and Productivity with ASSET JUPITER:

  • Managing all organizational content—both structured and unstructured—throughout information life cycle.
  • Accessing information easier and faster from any web browser or smart device.
  • A better user experience with a minimum of resizing through a Responsive Web Design.
  • Customizing toolbar to match enterprise business.
  • Monitoring Jupiter Usage via Admin Dashboard feature.
  • Guiding the user through the system with Jupiter Inline Help information to understand a specific module or component.
  • Facilitating compliance with comprehensive security and auditing features.
  • Ensuring that information is an asset that is consistent, reliable, useful and available.
  • Streamlining operations by automating manual, repetitive processes.
  • Reducing the time spent on managing Information.
  • Reducing the Physical Space needed for paper files and filling cabinets.
  • Increasing user experience by supporting four different languages: Arabic, English, French and Russian.


Conso'System Africa offers solutions for the integrated management of all resources and operational processes, thus allowing the management of the company through the solutions it offers. The purpose of these solutions is to connect the company's functions by using common data, standardized processes, in order to transform transactional data into useful information.

Conso'System Africa accompanies you in the choice of your integrated management tool, targeting your needs and identifying all the details and peculiarities of your flows, thus guaranteeing the success of your deployment project and change.

An ERP system consists of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications that communicate with each other and share one or more sources of data. This means that you can provide a single source of truth. Your system can automate your core business processes and help you ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, accelerate reporting and much more.

Thanks to its partnership with SAP, Conso'System Africa offers you the best ERP systems on the market. We use the latest technologies - such as in-memory computing, Big Data analysis, enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) - to help our customers manage online digital businesses. SAP enables you to eliminate IT complexity and act on the basis of real-time information, regardless of the size of your company or industry.

Ready for ERP, but don't know where to start? Our expert ERP consultants help you choose the right system for your business and develop a successful ERP implementation plan. Get started quickly, customize your solutions, achieve seamless ERP integration, accelerate time to market and more.


SAP ECC 6.0 is the latest version of the SAP Enterprise Central Component enterprise software package that provides end-to-end software support for an enterprise.

The solution encompasses all of the company's activities, including finance, sales, manufacturing, human resources, sales and distribution, project management and customer relations.

The most important aspect of SAP ECC 6.0 is that the entire system can evolve with the enterprise. It is as dynamic and forward-looking as it includes strategy and business planning that are derived from accurate reporting of actual performance.

Companies would be better off in the long term with the use of SAP ECC 6.0 because it is a great facilitator. Efficiency is increased, redundancy is reduced or eliminated, and the quality of management decisions is greatly improved as all information on all aspects of the company's operations is gathered to provide a better picture of the organization.


Conso'System Africa offers the next generation SAP S/4HANA that is the digital kernel that connects your company with people, business networks, IOT, big data, and more. Take control and operate a live business with SAP S/4HANA and leverage the power of a digital kernel.

Conso'System supports you in the choice of integrating or migrating to SAP S/4HANA, a real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital enterprises. It builds on our advanced SAP HANA memory platform and delivers a quality, personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. Deployable in the cloud or on site, SAP S/4HANA can instantly generate value across all industries, regardless of the size of your company or industry.

Conso'System Adopts A Methodology That Allows To:

  • Consolidate financial, managerial and operational data.
  • A clear vision of performance and management.
  • Improve and facilitate decision-making.
  • Plan and simulate operations.
  • Adopt a common vision of financial data to ensure enterprise-wide consistency.
  • Trend identification using predictive analysis tools, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Migration De L’ERP Vers S/4 HANA

Does your company process a large volume of data? Do you want to extract information from this data to create meaningful reports? Do you want to take advantage of SAP HANA for your data storage and analysis needs and prepare your organization for the expansion of the Internet of Things?

Conso'System supports you in your migration to S/4 HANA to upgrade your current system environment to a next-generation solution (Database, NetWeaver and Applicative transition) according to the ACTIVATE methodology, the latest version of the SAP methodology, to enable you to do so:

  • Smooth migration without re-implementation.
  • A guarantee not to interfere with your existing processes.
  • A re-evaluation of the specific code and existing process flows.

As a preferred SAP partner, Conso'system allows you to complete your journey with confidence by deploying the latest tools available for updating and migrating data:

  • The Software Update Manager (SUM).
  • The Database Migration Option (DMO).

Conso'system Africa ensures that you adopt all of the SAP S/4 HANA functionality, not just the transition of the system's current functionality. Beyond that, our teams ensure that all necessary configuration adjustments are made and that the specific code is evaluated, cleaned and adapted to the revolutionary new SAP S/4 HANA architecture.

Be ready to take advantage of your transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) applications that work in the same environment and see your data available in real time at every level of detail.

SAP Business One

The ERP For SME’s And Subsidiaries

Conso'System Africa, an SAP partner, is working on the editor's most efficient ERP, namely SAP Business One, the ERP designed for small and medium-sized companies.

Choose exceptional visibility with a complete and customizable solution

Manage all your activities and effectively control all aspects of your operations. SAP Business One captures critical information and makes it immediately available to the entire enterprise for consultation and operation.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each company, SAP Business One is built on a model of unparalleled flexibility:

  • Deployable on site or on the Cloud.
  • Accessible 24x7 anywhere and from all types of mobile phones.
  • Can be run on SAP HANA® and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Customizable to meet changing needs.
  • Available in 27 languages and 43 localized versions.

Conso'System Africa, through this solution, allows you to cover all these functions:

  • Accounting and financial management.
  • Sales and distribution.
  • Purchasing management.
  • Inventory management and logistics.
  • Production management and MRP planning.
  • Customer service.
  • Steering, reporting and decision support (business intelligence).

SAP Business ByDesign (FR)

Conso'System Africa offers a complete cloud-based ERP solution for your enterprise, SAP Business ByDesign. It's a complete and integrated SaaS suite that takes care of all your activities: accounting, HR, sales, purchasing, customer service, supply chain management and much more.

SAP Business ByDesign allows you to:

  • Streamline end-to-end processes and optimize efficiency at all levels of your business.
  • Get instant visibility into your business at all times with integrated analysis and reporting tools, accelerated by SAP HANA.
  • Manage your business anytime, anywhere with integrated mobile applications.
  • Rely on highly secure data centers, managed, monitored and maintained by our SAP experts.

SAP Business ByDesign Benefits & Earnings:

  • Complete : Covers all the needs of your organization. You don't need to consider costly integrations with other solutions.
  • Flexible: You react quickly and concisely to changes in your company.
  • Fast to develop : Deployment within a maximum of 12 weeks. You can talk to your employees very quickly because an Internet connection, a username and password are all you need to access the services.
  • Easy to use : Increased productivity and fast adoption through an intuitive user interface. The online help is very rich and the self-study courses are complete.
  • Affordable : Adapts to your budget with predictable costs one and evolutions on demand.


Conso’System Africa offers customer relationship management solutions to enable companies to focus on their current and future customers in order to build loyalty and optimize their interactions (sales, service or marketing).

Through its partnership with the SAP editor in Morocco, Conso’System Africa offers one of the most powerful tools on the market: SAP CRM & SAP Hybris.

Conso’System Africa supports you in the implementation of your SAP CRM solution as a standalone solution, or the integration in your ERP or BW system, the association of a webshop with your system and the exploitation of opportunities through social media and mobile applications.

SAP CRM: CRM Market Leader

The Ideal Tool For Customer Relationship Management

With SAP CRM, put your customers at the heart of your business, gain detailed knowledge of your customers and transparent CRM processes, and deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all contact points

  • Engage your customers anytime, anywhere and on any device from a single end-to-end platform.
  • Keep ahead of demand with real-time data analysis.
  • Make more sales through the e-commerce platform.
  • Accelerate the speed of your sales team by using a simple user interface that responds to their needs.
  • Offering exceptional customer service by giving field employees remote, real-time access to data.
  • Use the best solutions, based on global expertise over 25 industries.

SAP Hybris For Customer Engagement And Commerce

By offering solutions from the SAP Hybris suite, Conso’System focuses on rapid transformation and agility across all channels, getting you close to your customers and delivering a consistently great experience at every touch point. We make products that cut cost, time and complexity, freeing you up to focus on innovation and strategy. Our products cover five main areas – commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and service – and offer you the insights and flexibility you need to lead.

SAP Hybris products are designed to be easy to implement and integrate with your current systems. Our solutions are modular, so we can grow together as your company's needs evolve. And as the components are designed to work together, the transition process gets easier the more SAP Hybris products you decide to use.

Get a 360° view of your customers

SAP Hybris solutions help you understand consumer behavior across every channel. If you can pivot quickly to meet their needs, your agility will be rewarded with increased sales and loyalty. From online to in-store to call center, you get a 360-degree view of all the customer data you need to make sure you’re not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

Grow at your own pace

Don’t let legacy IT stop you from future-proofing your business. With SAP Hybris, your imagination can be your guide, because our flexible solutions are ready and able to support your vision. Whether you’re nurturing a small business or managing multiple channels across a large enterprise, expansion is just clicks away. SAP Hybris omnichannel solutions help you grow quickly and with ease.

Deployment options

SAP Hybris offers complete deployment flexibility. Whether you prefer on-premise or on-demand (or a combination of the two), the choice of the deployment method should be the last of your concerns. There are a number of factors that will help you determine which option is best for your organization, contact our experts at Conso’System for a complete diagnosis of your needs.

Key Product Offerings Of SAP Hybris :

  • Commerce : Give your customers a consistent and meaningful experience – across every channel, every time
  • Marketing : Understand your customers and respond to their behavior in real-time to give them what they want, when they want it.
  • Revenue : Deliver a better customer payment experience, find new revenue streams and streamline your quote-to-cash process.
  • Sales : Sell effectively to the right people, anywhere, at any time.
  • Service : FKeep customers coming back for more with customer service that drives true engagement.
  • Hybris as a Service : Create dynamic apps, convert more customers and save time with YaaS — the world’s most powerful and advanced microservices ecosystem.


Conso’System Africa offers solutions that enable companies to control their risks and build sustainable growth.

Conso’System Africa assists you in choosing your governance solutions and gives you the assurance that the occurrence of an error or fraud will not significantly affect the development of the company in the long term.

Conso’System Africa operates on the most powerful market tools, SAP GRC, supported by an exclusive partnership with the SAP publisher in Morocco and Conso'System in South Africa.

Conso’System Africa adopts a methodology that allows to :

  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks (financial, operational, legal, etc.).
  • Establish a unified, collaborative and shared control framework and tools throughout the organization and information systems, and as automated and preventative as possible.
  • Strengthen the production of reliable and transparent information.

The concerned areas are vast : internal control, environment, health and safety, international exchanges and data confidentiality.

SAP GRC, A Suite Of Several Modules :

Integrated With SAP And Non-SAP Applications :

Automate the access request management process and manage the risk of fraud by addressing one of the key principles of Internal Control: Segregation of duties. SAP GRC is a unique tool to centrally cover all of your company's application environments, giving you a holistic approach and control of risk.

  • •Seamlessly integrate traditional SAP systems (Business Suite, BW) with other environments (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft ...).
  • •Implementation of sectoral packages, particularly for aspects related to the environment, health and safety in the High Tech, Automotive and Chemical sectors.
  • •Provides a unified, standardized and comprehensive environment for enterprise risk management, monitoring and analysis, and compliance activities.conformité.
  • •A common easy-to-use interface shared between the components : SAP BusinessObjects Access Control, SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control.


Conso’System Africa offers solutions that allow your company to digitally transform HR and workforce experiences by simplifying human resource (HR) and people processes with engaging, intelligent, and connected solutions that accelerate HR, manager, and individual success.

Conso’System Africa accompanies you in the integration of your HR solution to align your workforce to your business strategy and improve productivity while cutting on time and costs.

SAP SuccessFactors : The Leader In Human Capital Management For Cloud-Based HR

The Ideal Tool For HR Management

SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions integrates onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (Learning Management System), performance management, recruiting software, applicant tracking software, succession planning, talent management and HR analytics to deliver business strategy alignment, team execution and maximize people performance.

  • Core Human Resources and Payroll: Deliver a real business impact by managing a user-friendly core human resources and payroll for accurate employee data.
  • Learning and Development: Develop a comprehensive learning strategy with a complete learning management solution (LMS).
  • Performance and Compensation: Create meaningful individual goals across the organization enabling executives to monitor goal progress in real-time and establish a pay-for-performance culture.
  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Transform your recruiting strategy into an end-to-end recruiting solution that helps you attract, engage and select better candidates and then measure the results.
  • Time and Attendance Management: Empower employees to manage their time-related information and allow managers to access their team members’ time-tracking information and quickly approve time-off requests.
  • Workforce Planning and Analytics: Leverage in-depth workforce information and benchmarks to assess readiness to execute strategies then deliver actionable, quantitative insights to your business leaders with a powerful combination of talent and business data.

Conso'System Talento

If you are a company with a user base of 500 to 2000 employees, implementing SuccessFactors™ can be a considerable effort and a long process.

With Talento, you can still have the #1 LMS out there, but it will be much easier, jam packed with extra services and more cost effective. Scroll down and learn more.

Talento Learning is a cloud-based, turn-key subscription Learning Management System as a Service (LMSaaS if you like acronyms) powered by SuccessFactors™.

What are the features included in Talento?

  • Managers can easily visualize and manage their team's learning needs and take action when necessary:
    • Easily assign/withdraw learning from employees.
    • View employee status updates.
  • Learners can benefit from a clear and intuitive interface with easy access to everything they need to learn and improve: 
    • Access to the customized training catalog.
    • Job-specific curricula assignments.
    • Self-management of learning plans.
    • Visibility and access to required learning plans.
    • Learning completion certificates.
  • Talento offers all of the powerful SuccessFactors tools required for out-of-the-box Learning Administration.


To succeed in the modern organization, Conso’System Africais proposing to guide you towards the deployment of the new SAP HANA technology to be able to resonate with the evolution of a dynamic and rapidly changing business world.

Deployable in the cloud or on premise, SAP HANA is a platform that brings together different features and capabilities.

  • Database Services: SAP HANA is the only in-memory database that processes OLTP and OLAP data on a single system. HANA can be fed by structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources. HANA provides disaster recovery support and can resume from power failure without data loss.
  • Data Integration Services : HANA offers data virtualization services via SDA, data replication via Data Services and SDI / SDQ.
  • Advanced Analytic Processing Services: SAP HANA allows you to process geospatial data based on open standards: OGC, ISO SQL / MM and GeoJSON, strengthens your business through built-in predictive analytics, makes advanced fuzzy searches in columns and with binary files (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office), Advanced features of natural language processing: segmentation, lemmatization, tagging and sentiment analysis in many languages, and many other services.
  • Applications Development: SAP HANA provides you with everything you need to quickly develop data-driven applications in real-time using popular languages such as: JavaScript, SQLScript, C++, .NET, HTML5 et R.

SAP HANA : Accelerate, Innovate, Simplify

  • If you require a deep and rigorous analysis of your data in a short time.
  • If you want to extract relevant decisions from your data.
  • If you want to process massive volume of data (IoT, big data).
  • If you aim to reduce IT infrastructure costs, and increase ROI.
  • If you need to develop new applications specifically designed for your LOBs.
  • If you use statistical algorithms and data science" for a predictive and careful analysis.

« SAP HANA is made for you  »

Database Services

SAP HANA is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It combines OLAP and OLTP processing into a single in-memory database – eliminating disk bottlenecks and offering groundbreaking performance. This ACID-compliant, in-memory columnar database stores compressed data and offers parallel processing across multiprocessor cores.

In-Memory Database (reporting):

With its in-memory capabilities, SAP HANA allows you to run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions, and get accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second. The in-memory database eliminates predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication between operational and decision support systems.

With SAP HANA, all your transactional and analytical data can live in a single database. This means you have access to the exact data you need in real time – all the time.

Data Modeling

SAP HANA makes it easy to build complex business logic using graphical modeling tools, decision tables, core data services, and pre-built business function libraries. You can embed your logic into stored procedures and run it inside the database to avoid unnecessary data movement. Your algorithms will run faster in SAP HANA because models take advantage of highly optimized in-memory calculation engines.

Multitenant Database

With SAP HANA multitenant database containers, you can manage several databases as one. All tenant databases share the same memory and processors – however they are securely isolated from one another, and each has its own users, catalog, repository, data and log files, and services. Assign dedicated resources to each tenant to optimize database performance. And cut costs by backing-up, patching, and recovering all databases at once.

Multi-Tier Storage

With SAP HANA dynamic tiering, your frequently accessed data remains in memory, while your rarely accessed data is moved to disk. This lets you cost-effectively manage large data volumes without being limited by memory size. Your applications can access all data independently of where it is stored – and you can modify your database storage preferences at any time to meet user expectations.

Advanced Analytic Processing Services

Big Data/Predictive Analysis And Machine Learning/Advanced Processing

Leverage the in-memory advanced analytical processing capabilities – text, predictive, spatial, event streams, and time series – to build intelligent applications that provide deeper insights at unprecedented speed. And take advantage of predictive analytics, data mining, text analysis, and more.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

SAP HANA offers an end-to-end solution for developing and deploying high-value predictive analytics and machine learning programs. The machine learning capabilities in SAP HANA enable data scientists and application developers to build, train, and manage machine learning models, where data is persisted. Combined with the ability to analyze any type of data and seamlessly integrate with Hadoop, R, and SAS, SAP HANA leverages 90+ native machine learning algorithms, and extension capabilities via open source R integration, or custom develop algorithms in C++ using a SDK.

Spatial Data Processing

Spatial processing with SAP HANA allows you to process and analyze massive amounts of spatial data in real time to reveal new patterns and trends, adding a valuable spatial dimension to business data. SAP HANA includes a multilayered spatial engine and supports spatial columns, spatial access methods, and spatial reference systems. With these enhanced GIS features, SAP HANA provides a single database for both your business and spatial data.

Streaming Data Processing

Gain insight from event streams in real time – with a highly scalable processing engine in the SAP HANA platform that allows you to capture, analyze, and act on information streaming in from many sources. With SAP HANA streaming analytics, you can identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen, and respond immediately. Streaming data is continuously compared and correlated to data in the SAP HANA database, so your business can detect anomalies in real time and act accordingly.

Graph Data Processing

Unlock new possibilities by exploring the relationships among people, places, and things. SAP HANA graph data processing allows you to model and analyze the complex reality of highly connected data, using a familiar relational database. Gain access to intuitive modeling and visualization tools to easily create and navigate graphs, uncover patterns, calculate shortest paths, and understand relationships. With built-in graph algorithms you can easily create innovative applications that open new opportunities for your business. And because graph data processing is part of the SAP HANA platform, your data is always secure and available.

Data Integration Services

Installation, Migration Et Administration

Keep your data secure and accessible – while simplifying your IT operations – with state-of-the art tools and technologies. See how you can maintain a secure environment for your mission-critical applications and your most valuable data assets.

Capture and Replay

Ensure that your SAP HANA on-premise landscape adapts to change without disruption, using capture and replay tool for SAP HANA. With this advanced administration tool, you can experience new SAP HANA versions and configurations, without affecting your production deployments. Automatically capture a real production system workload and replay it on a testing environment to accurately simulate, analyze, and predict the performance impact of software or hardware changes. Reduce the manual effort of testing new configurations, and safely embrace innovation without risking system stability.

High Availability and Disaster Recover

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery – minimize downtime and always achieve your recovery time objectives (RTO). SAP HANA is designed to deliver continuous system availability and protect your business from a broad range of outages, whether caused by a local software error or a natural disaster. With SAP HANA high availability features, you benefit from a rock-solid foundation – an enterprise-class, in-memory data platform designed for continuous operation, even during failures


Meet compliance requirements with confidence – by relying on SAP HANA security features to implement specific security policies. Any SAP applications you run on SAP HANA benefit from the same solid security foundation, with optional incremental protection if you choose. For example, you can integrate SAP HANA with your existing security infrastructure – and control database administrators’ access – to constantly maintain the security of your data.

Monitoring and Administration

Simplify SAP HANA monitoring and administration. Leverage versatile tools for your SAP HANA monitoring. Ensure the health of your system and effectively administer your data infrastructure.

  • SAP HANA Studio: Administer the SAP HANA environment.
  • SAP HANA Cockpit: Monitor and administer a single SAP HANA database with a Web-based tool
  • SAP DB Control Center: Perform aggregate monitoring across several SAP HANA instances and other SAP database products
  • SAP Solution Manager: Perform basic administration and holistic monitoring of applications running on SAP HANA
  • SAP Landscape Management: Automate and orchestrate advanced system operations with a centralized management console for your entire SAP landscape

Migration from SAP ERP ECC6 to SAP S/4HANA

(Note to Merouane Bentoto: please consult the migration part in the ERP file and put a link on the SAP HANA page that leads to the migration part in the ERP page)



View your data in real time on any type of device.


Optimize the quality of your financial and management data.


Automate the production of your financial statements and dashboards.


Secure the production of your reports in a centralized database with a detailed audit trail.


Unify your reports (consolidation, budget, management, etc.) in a single solution.


Reduce the production delays of your reports (consolidation, budget, management...)



Your priorities are ours. The quality of services is an essential criterion, which is why we have implemented a strict and rigorous quality control policy.


Conso'System Africa Consulting's services are of the highest quality. We maintain a partnership relationship with our customers through a service follow-up.


The bond that binds us to our clients reflects our commitment to our values and projects. It expresses our proximity, our commitment and our sense of responsibility.


The biggest African groups have trusted us. Conso'System Consulting is committed to confidentiality of data and a high level of security.

Team spirit

We strive to provide our consultants with an environment that fosters internal and external collaboration. it is a key element for the success of your projects.


We favor direct contact with our customers. This facilitates communication and allows us to provide you with support tailored to your needs.


Our consultants are available to provide you with the training, support and maintenance necessary for the successful operation of your tools.


Our consultants are trained and certified by the SAP editor. They are experienced with SAP solutions to deploy best practices and secure your applications.

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