Conso’System Africa offers many reporting and analysis solutions to help companies strategically position themselves in all their management decisions and help pilot their daily activities, and by extension, the entirety company.

Conso’System Africa assists you in the choice of your Business Intelligence solutions and helps you overcome the complexity of their implementation and administration. At the same time, offering self-service options so non-technical users can become self-sufficient and access their own customized reports and dashboards.

Conso’System Africa operates on the most efficient market tools, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suit and QlikView / QlikSense, supported by its partnerships with SAP and Qlik in Morocco.

Conso’System Africa adopts a methodology that allows to:

  • Give a schematic report with clear graphical visions of the company.
  • Provide interactive dashboard analysis and navigation.
  • Improve and facilitate decision-making.
  • Saving time and efficiency in planning, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Explore associations and correlations between data and outcomes.
  • Have multiple deployment options (Server, Web, Cloud,...)


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