QlikView / QlikSense :

The Ideal Tool For Reporting And Interactive Dashboards

Create new dashboards and reports with just a few clicks. Make them operational and share them with all your colleagues in a matter of hours. QlikView is an intuitive and interactive data analysis and reporting tool that integrates very quickly into your software environment.

  • Connect to all your data sources: SQL, Big Data, spreadsheets, SAP, ... Many connectors exist to other technologies.
  • •Realize your data analysis: Agile BI and interactive visualizations to explore the relationships between your data; An in-memory technology that offers unparalleled speed of execution by traditional BI tools.
  • An easy interface for rapid development: very rich visuals and graphics, fully configurable and customizable; easy multilingual development.
  • A very large community of users to share knowledge and answer your questions
  • Applicable to all sectors of activity, and any department of your company.
  • Multiple deployment options (on-site, cloud, ...) with access from different platforms (Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet...).


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