Conso'System Africa specializes in the integration of SAP solutions with more than 50 projects in all sectors of activity.

A market leader, based on a proven methodology and the skills of its constantly updated consultants, experts in SAP EPM applications, Conso' System advises on the integrated architecture best adapted to your context and assists its customers by covering the completeness of SAP EPM topics, from the first stages of the reflection to the final delivery of the solution and future operations.

As the SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise, Conso'System Africa brings a solid expertise in SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation integration projects (Microsoft, Netweaver HANA) around budgeting issues in the different sectors.

SAP BusinessObject Planning & Consolidation (BPC)

SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (BPC) enables you to conduct a structured and collaborative budgeting process. Conso' System accompanies you in the framing of your business reporting and budgeting needs, in the strategy of business and technical implementation and in the implementation of the solution.

Conso' System Puts Its Expertise At The Service Of Its Customers In Order To Achieve The Following Results:

  • Reduction of delays
  • Simplification and centralisation of data entry
  • Management of several alternative versions
  • Documentation and justification of seizures
  • Formalization and management of the process
  • Data and access security
  • Autonomous administration of trades


Streamline Financial Planning And Consolidation To Focus On Your Growth

Speed up accounting closing and spend more time developing your business. SAP's planning and consolidation solution helps you streamline and automate your planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation activities for shorter budget cycles, faster closure, and optimal regulatory compliance.

  • Make decisions based on simulation analysis and scenario planning.
  • Strengthen collaboration for clear accountability and planning.
  • Accelerate cycles, close accounting and align plans with strategic objectives.
  • Real-time planning solutions with SAP HANA for faster response times..
  • Select the version for the Microsoft platform or for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP BFC (BusinessObject Financial Consolidation)

SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation is a financial consolidation and reporting application that provides CFOs of the world's largest organizations with the ability to close their companies' accounts more quickly and accurately.

Conso'system Africa proposes you to accompany you through offers adapted and personalized to your needs. The SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation solution can give you the power, responsiveness and confidence to do just that:

  • closing faster without sacrificing data quality through streamlined financial consolidation and reporting processes.
  • safely adapt to changing needs without having to rebuild or eliminate previous reporting scenarios, saving time and money.
  • to gain trust and meet the company's standards through reliable data feeds into legal reports and management decisions.

SAP DM Disclosure Management

Conso'System Africa offers you the opportunity to guide you in the processes of production management, archiving and publication of your company's financial statements and reports. SAP's Disclosure Management solution allows you to take the final step towards a timely, accurate and risk-free financial closing process.

Fast financial closureCollaborative ManagementCompliance and control
•Automate processes to speed up your financial closing
•Integrate data sources and offer a single source of truth according to your standards and reporting rules.
•Facilitate communication, workflows, and acceptance across the organization's hierarchy, geographic locations, and business units.•Use new compliance tools
•Publish financial and regulatory audit documents in a variety of formats, including XBRL.
•Ensure compliance with IFRS, multiple GAAPs and other industry-specific standards.

SAP SM Strategy Management

Conso'System Africa offers you SAP SM (Strategy Management) to facilitate the follow-up of your strategic plans. SAP SM enables you to link your business processes with your strategic goals, and better manage your resources to improve the execution of your overall strategy.

SAP SM allows you to:

  • Improve the strategic planning process and communicate priorities to your employees and teams.
  • Track progress with intuitive performance dashboards and benchmarking.
  • Improve visibility, collaboration and decision making with a single source of data for all.
  • Promote accountability by linking strategic objectives, parameters and progress to employee actions.

IFRS 16 Leasing

Are you an airline leasing aircraft? or a retailer who rents stores? or in any industry sector where you lease important assets for your business? Conso'system Africa is your partner in your approach towards compliance with IFRS to carry out calculations and reports related to the new IFRS 16 standard.

With the new IFRS 16 standard introducing a single accounting model for tenants that integrates most leases on the balance sheet, Conso'system Africa has prepared the toolkit you need to optimize your existing investment in SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation by implementing a complete preconfigured IFRS 16 solution in weeks with a single acquisition cost, without additional SAP licenses or maintenance costs on a technology already known to your users.

Whether you are managing your business with SAP ERP or another ERP, SAP Financial Consolidation is one of the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions designed for you. This product meets financial consolidation requirements and can be integrated into SAP and non-SAP software environments. Conso'system Africa has built on this powerful tool to anticipate the application of IFR16 in 2019 or an earlier application in 2018 to allow you to remain in compliance with all the changes that will occur in your consolidation process.

From data collection to the publication of financial statements, Conso'system Africa has designed, based on its decades of experience, preconfigured functionalities with the possibility of identifying additional customized needs and contents to perform, validate and publish your company's statutory consolidation in accordance with the new IFRS16.

Before moving to IFRS 16, Conso'system Africa will help you evaluate the impact of the new standard on your financial statements and budget forecasts in order to make an informed decision between retrospective application or cumulative adjustment methods.

With Conso'system Africa, you are sure to minimize the acquisition, installation, deployment, training and maintenance of the IFRS 16 solution to benefit from the complete preconfigured IFRS 16 functionality with the ability to integrate additional specific requirements for your particular business.


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