Conso’System Africa offers solutions that enable companies to control their risks and build sustainable growth.

Conso’System Africa assists you in choosing your governance solutions and gives you the assurance that the occurrence of an error or fraud will not significantly affect the development of the company in the long term.

Conso’System Africa operates on the most powerful market tools, SAP GRC, supported by an exclusive partnership with the SAP publisher in Morocco and Conso'System in South Africa.

Conso’System Africa adopts a methodology that allows to :

  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks (financial, operational, legal, etc.).
  • Establish a unified, collaborative and shared control framework and tools throughout the organization and information systems, and as automated and preventative as possible.
  • Strengthen the production of reliable and transparent information.

The concerned areas are vast : internal control, environment, health and safety, international exchanges and data confidentiality.

SAP GRC, A Suite Of Several Modules :

Integrated With SAP And Non-SAP Applications :

Automate the access request management process and manage the risk of fraud by addressing one of the key principles of Internal Control: Segregation of duties. SAP GRC is a unique tool to centrally cover all of your company's application environments, giving you a holistic approach and control of risk.

  • •Seamlessly integrate traditional SAP systems (Business Suite, BW) with other environments (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft ...).
  • •Implementation of sectoral packages, particularly for aspects related to the environment, health and safety in the High Tech, Automotive and Chemical sectors.
  • •Provides a unified, standardized and comprehensive environment for enterprise risk management, monitoring and analysis, and compliance activities.conformité.
  • •A common easy-to-use interface shared between the components : SAP BusinessObjects Access Control, SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control.


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